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Evergreen Launches Florence Care

25 September 2018 | Comments

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Evergreen’s long-awaited personal care service launched on 17th September 2018 providing care and support for existing Evergreen members needing a little more intervention enabling them to live at home in confidence. Florence Care named after one of the founder, Louise Marsh’s heroes, Florence Nightingale; revisits the timeless values in good old-fashioned care in the home yet, aspiring to up-to date excellence in care provision.

Florence Carers undergo special training in addition to their Health & Social Care Level 3 qualification and are supported in providing a quality personal care service between the hours of 7am-10pm 7 days a week. The service launched in Stamford is intended to move into Bourne and the Deepings in the future.

Evergreen members have long been asking for this Personal Care provision further to the Trust’s ‘free to user’ volunteer led services including Advocacy, Befriending, Chaplaincy & Listening, Hand & Nail care, Friendship Lunch club and Hospital to Home service. Other paid for services include Home Support providing domestic, laundry, shopping and Pop In visits Monday to Friday. The Wellbeing Warden 7-day service is perfect for those wanting to revisit or explore their personal wellbeing goals and may need assistance with their medications, meals and fluid intake.

Florence Care offers an exciting new model of care delivery focusing on the individual service user’s needs and what really matters to them, this will be at the heart of Florence Care practice. Small teams of Florence Carers will deliver the service around agreed Care & Support plans, working with members, their families and carers. In tandem with this, Florence Carers will be developing their own skills, resilience, competence and professional confidence in this vitally important area of local Health and Social Care provision. In Britain today, 60% of the Care workforce operates in the community in people’s homes. A disturbingly high percentage of these carers are deemed inadequately trained and monitored, leaving care workers feeling undervalued, unsupported, over worked, poorly paid with a ‘rock bottom’ sense of professional esteem.

Evergreen has committed to building a care workforce that knows their work and care is hugely important, are valued, trained, equipped and supported well. The Trust is a National Living Wage Employer offering competitive rates, expenses and paid regular training. A sound work/life balance is promoted through fair rostering, ‘On Call’ and alternate weekend working. Evergreen Care staff are encouraged to be the best they can be whether Home Support workers, Wellbeing Wardens or Florence Carers. Evergreen partners with New College Stamford Health & Social Care to ensure that staff at all levels can access health and social care training and qualifications as well as gaining knowledge in specialist subjects like Mental Health, End of Life Care and Dementia.

The Charity offers a wide and comprehensive range of support and care, little interventions aimed at keeping people happy, safe and independent in their own homes. For more information on any of Evergreen’s services, free or paid for, or employment opportunities please contact the office on 01780 765 900

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